Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Nights 13 of 13: Vampire Killers

On our last night in honor of Fearmakers' sub-division Strange Stuff, actor / director / writer / producer, Jack Abele, reviews the horror / comedy Vampire Killers.

Vampire Killers
by Jack Abele

The boys at Fearmakers asked me to watch a movie and write up a review. They said since I've been producing and starring in their new Strange Stuff movies I should watch this film called Vampire Killers. I did, and boy what a movie. Now I like serious movies. Dramas and movies with substance. This movies was neither a drama nor did it have substance. Instead it's a movie full of nudity, lesbians and juvenile humor. Don't get me wrong, that's not necessarily a bad thing, but this isn't the kind of movie I'd generally watch for myself.

The movie is about this town cursed by a vampire queen and these two down-on-their-luck guys from London take a trip there after the lead guy, Jimmy (Mathew Horne), gets dumped by his on again, off again girlfriend for the 8th time. So they go to this remote town looking for girls and low and behold they find a van full of hot, young women looking for a good time. They all wind up at a cabin and party into the night. Pretty soon these lesbian vampires start seducing the girls and turning them into lesbian vampires too. So Jimmy, and his wise-cracking buddy, Fletch (James Cordon), have to save the town from the curse.

Okay, so the good. The script didn't have deep dialogue, but the acting from the main cast was pretty decent. The script was intentionally silly so not much can be expected in the way of deep, emotional performances. Aside from some of the breast baring girls, the acting was acceptable. Probably the best performance was by James Cordon who has good comedic timing. He made me laugh on several occasions. The girls were pretty and plentiful and most of them were topless, so if you're a guy and like that in your horror movies you'll like this one a lot. I guess if you're a girl who likes that you'll appreciate this movie too. The settings were nice and creepy although the movie isn't scary at all, and the editing was creative and played into the fun theme of the movie.

Now the bad. The story is too convenient. These guys happen to go to this cursed town. A bus load of hot girls just happen to be college student studying folklore, and Jimmy just happens to be a descendant of the guy who started the curse and subsequently the only one who can defeat the vampire queen. I understand it's a silly comedy but I felt the story could have been better woven. Most of the movie has good visual effects but there were a few moments where you can tell it's bad computer animation, particularly the blood. I've produced a few movies where CGI blood was used and I know that's hard to make look real on a low budget, so I don't fault them, but it wasn't all that good either.

Overall not a bad movie. I understand there is an audience for this kind of movie, a big audience, but if you like to drink wine with your dinners and prefer serious dramas to slapstick comedies this is not the movie for you. If you like fart jokes, gratuitous nudity, ridiculous situations and over-the-top gore, this movie is right up your alley.

Jack gives Vampire Killers

Jack Abele was the EP on Dismal and has starred in Strange Stuff's Death of the Dead and the upcoming Attack of the Alien Jelly Monsters From the Depths of Uranus. He has several more Strange Stuff projects slated to film next year. Additionally Jack writes, directs and produces his own films. His film Integro is available on DVD. You can find out more about Jack and his movies by going to his WEBSITE.

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