Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Birthday, Christopher Cook!

the hypnotic stare of Christopher Cook

Producer and Director of Marketing, Christopher Cook, is celebrating a birthday today. He won't give out his real age, and rumor is Christopher Cook is a stage name anyway, but he does confirm that he is FINALLY legal and wants all the sexy young women and men to know that.

Few people know this but when Christopher was born he was dropped on his head... twice... on purpose. But that only partly explains the way he is. Christopher has been with Fearmakers for 7 years now, back since the early days of Death4Told (please don't bring that up). We saw him roaming the streets looking desperate so we decided to bring him in. And like a lost puppy, he hasn't left us since.

In the time he's been with Fearmakers, we've seen Cook move to California, get married, kick three drug habits and get a tattoo near his sphincter that says "Exit Only!" It has been quite a run and we're glad he's part of this dysfunctional team. He fits right in. Happy Birthday, Christopher!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dismal Makes Top 20 Horror Films of 2000 Decade. Really?

I know, right? Dismal is one of the top 20 horror films of the 2000 decade? I didn't believe it either, but there it was in black and white. I mean we know it's good, we just expected it to be like, oh, top 10 or better. Karl of ComicsOnline.com reviewed Dismal last year and has now rated it as one of his top 20 scary flicks of the decade. Not too shabby. Karl, if you're reading this, thank you, and let us know where to send the check. See the official review HERE.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Lance Steel Prequel Now Online

Check out the mini prequel to the upcoming feature film, Lance Steel. See it right here on the Fearmakers website. Pay close attention to the info at the bottom so you can view the prequel properly. Enjoy and let us know what you think.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Exclusive Lance Steel Monster Hunter Sneak Peek

Hey gang.  You should have received an email with a link for your exclusive LANCE STEEL MONSTER HUNTER mini-prequal sneak peek.  

Some people didn't get email due to technical issues with Google beyond our control, so we are posting the link here.


Do you love it or what?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Lance Steel Sneak Peek

Fearmakers has a new project coming up and we thought you would like to get a first look at the madness we've cooked up this time. The film is about a sarcastic, ass kicker named Lance Steel and he's a monster hunter. Yeah, that's right--a monster hunter. Want to see the mini-prequel?

Get an exclusive sneak peek of the Lance Steel mini-prequel before anyone else. Here's how you do it in one easy step:

1. Become a follower of Fearmakers Blog BEFORE Monday, January 11th.

It's just that simple. There are no coupons to cut out and no box tops to mail in. All blog followers as of January 11th will be sent a Web link to view the prequel online. This is an EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK at the main character, Lance Steel, for our next feature film LANCE STEEL only available to our blog followers.

Here's how to sign up (for free) as a Fearmakers blog follower:

-Go to http://www.fearmakers.com/news.html

-Look on the RIGHT side of the page, about HALF WAY down the blog for the FOLLOW (with Google Friend Connect) button in WHITE.

-CLICK on the button and sign-in or sign-up as needed.

Don't forget, the deadline is Monday, January 11th. In fact, you better sign up RIGHT NOW so you don't forget...we know how you are.


Don't make us point and laugh at you when miss out on this one. Remember that time when we told you to do that thing, and you didn't, and you felt like an idiot afterwards and ran crying to your room while your best friend became a teen werewolf and single-handedly won the big game and was the most popular kid in school and you were the big loser? Yeah, we thought so. Don't let that happen again. Be one of the cool kids and follow our blog.

-Go to http://www.fearmakers.com/news.html

-Look on the RIGHT side of the page, about HALF WAY down the blog for the FOLLOW (with Google Friend Connect) button in WHITE.

-CLICK on the button and sign-in or sign-up as needed.