Friday, January 21, 2011

"Buckley's writing develops the bait and switch... to hellish delight." - 28 Days Later Analysis

Now that Dismal has been officially released on DVD by Cinema Epoch, many people have scooped it up and posted reviews on their sites. While reviews for the film have been far from "raving" there have been lots of impressive comments, and sometimes those leave you to wonder. Many have found different elements that they find enjoyable about the film, the acting, music, unique kills, story, setting, cinematography and then there are others who are quite the opposite, and find those are the exact things that pulled them out of the film.

Who can say what one opinion means over another. It's safe to say you're pretty much on your own when it comes to a film and to each his/her own.

Here is yet another review, this time from 28 Days Later Analysis. The critic appears to be a fan of the acting by Bill Oberst, Jr. and Tim Morris and not so much for the rest of the cast. He likes some of the twists and dialogue which are delivered with "charm" and "hellish delight", but finds the movie mostly derivative and cliche. He takes points off for the music and the "wtf" ending.

Now if you find another review it might say the complete opposite and it seems rather than have a general concensus Dismal is a film that satisfies different tastes for each reviewer. Instead of posting yet another review without comment and saying "here ya go!", I felt the need to summarize nearly every review the film has received.

28 Days Later Analysis gives the film 5.5 out of 10. You can read the full review HERE.

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