Monday, January 31, 2011

Bill Oberst Interviewed by Horror News

Bill Oberst, Jr. is quickly becoming a name for himself in the entertainment world, mainly as a genre actor. Like so many icons present at conventions across the country each year, Bill is moving up the ladder with every role he takes. Starting as the creepy cannibal ranger, Dale, in Fearmakers' own Dismal, Bill has be in numerous other scary flicks since then and each one gives us another disturbing look at Bill's ability to scare us with talent.

"The incredible thing about Bill's ability," says Dismal writer / producer Bo Buckley, "is he can create the feeling of dread through a performance without the need for gore or props." Bo adds, "Bill comes into a scene and it immediately heightens the tension."

It seems with each new project, Bill moves up another rung on the horror ladder, working with genre icons like Linda Blair and other actors who have appeared in large Hollywood films. Bill recently worked with Danielle Panabaker (The Crazies, Friday the 13th) on The Shunning directed by Michael Landon, Jr. Even on non-horror projects like the family film, Princess and the Pony, Bill wows audiences. In a recent review of the film by Observation Notes, "but it's the performance by Bill Oberst Jr. as the despicable carnival owner Theodore Snyder that steals the show." With each project, it seems Bill is always stands apart from the crowd, and for those that know the business of Hollywood, it's a large business but a small world, and word of mouth is key when it comes to getting that next role.

Read the entire interview of Bill Oberst Jr. for Horror News HERE. Bill suggests everyone check out Dismal and so do we. Thanks Bill!

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