Friday, May 6, 2011

"good monster movie with genuine indie appeal" -

FINALLY, a review we can get behind. One that looks at the depth in which we wove the characters, the effects, the stunts and combined them to form a different kind of monster flick. Not your typical straight-to-SyFy, too much CGI monster and bad story flick, and unfortunately, that's what some want, however, Michael Pickle at really appreciates a movie like Savage.

Director Jordan Blum wanted a monster movie rich with characters and based on Pickle's review he understands the many levels of the characters. "I quickly fell in love with the many interesting characters and their carefully woven stories that were just intricate enough to still leave room for the many subtle nuances as well as heart-racing and well filmed action sequences and gory kills," writes Pickle. When you watch Savage you won't get a kill a minute like most gory monster flicks try to throw at you but rather a story of characters and their relationships and how they all end up in this mess that is a savage Bigfoot terrorizing a park.

Another of Blum's choices was to keep the monster hidden and menacing, a philosophy lost in this age where horror films get lost in over-the-top effects rather than story and suspense. "Bigfoot doesn't make an appearance in every scene, but it's menace hangs in the air and saturates every other story building tension throughout," adds Pickle. That's what the filmmakers were going for and it's nice to know that it resonates with people. So we hope we left this reviewer wanting to see more of Bigfoot, but still pleased we didn't overdo it.

To read the full review go HERE.

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