Thursday, February 17, 2011

"All good stuff" - Ain't It Cool News reviews Savage

Ain't It Cool News is all about the Bigfoot movies, so we're glad Savage was able to be included in their review section on Bigfoot movies. Ranging from Bigfoot (1970) to Legend of Boggy Creek to more recent indie flicks like Clawed and yours truly, AICN runs the gamut of reviews from the pretty bad to the super good. Savage is somewhere in between with scenes "I haven't seen before in a Bigfoot film," according to AICN. They give it 6 foot and 5 toes (who has any idea what that means).

"The highlight of the film", for AICN, was the Bigfoot. With costuming by Toby Sells and a stand out performance and stunts by Jack Harrison, the combination created a Bigfoot "with menace and power".

AICN sets it apart from other Bigfoot movies for "a cool premise, some decent acting from some, and more than a few nice Bigfootin’ scenes". They checked it out. Shouldn't you?

See the entire review HERE.

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