Thursday, July 23, 2009

Showin' the Love

Fans everywhere have been contacting us this week, telling us they watched Dismal and had a great time. One even sent us a pic from their phone of the On Demand listing in their area. We even heard some disappointment for some who couldn't get the movie in their area or through their provider. All we can say is keep checking. Dismal is rolling out to new areas regularly and will be available to Comcast customers soon. The movie runs On Demand through mid-October so check back often to see if you have it.

Many thanks to all those fans who have watched the movie! If you really want to help you can go to and rate the film. You can also post a message on the message board and even write a review of the movie!! Go ahead, be a critic. Signing up for is quick, easy and best of all FREE. Plus no spam like other sites. Thanks for showin' the love, now spread the word!!!! Demand Dismal!!!

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