Thursday, July 16, 2009

Demand Dismal!

Okay, so last night everyone is in a mild panic. Can't reach the agent and there is absolutely no info, zero, nada, zilch, about the upcoming On Demand release of Dismal for Time Warner and Comcast customers. We've been pimping this date (today) for a long time now and what a disappointment it would be to wake up and not have Dismal listed in the On Demand selections.

So I finally reach the agent and he's like, Hey, if the distributor said it would be there it should be there. Well that's no help. We're two hours out before my inbox is flooded with "Where's the movie, Bo?" I've learned in my years that it's best not to get too excited over things you cannot control. So after a final attempt to contact Time Warner directly, unsuccessfully I might add, I figured I'd just wait it out till midnight and hope for the best. Then what to my wondering eyes should appear? The clock strikes midnight and there she blows!!! DISMAL with a beautiful orange circle next to it, the most beautiful orange circle I have ever seen in my life! Apparently the orange circle means new release or something, but whatever it officially denotes it was glorious.
(Producer Justin Soponis knows Dismal showed up Right On Time!)

Okay, so they recut the trailer for the preview and the sound is a bit off, TWC used a poster for another movie and they put the cast in order of listing not by any real preference which means the movie stars one actor who didn't make the final cut (but will be on the DVD deleted scene) and another who gets whacked in the first 3 minutes, while the heroine gets nary a mention. Well life's not always fair and sometimes it downright sucks, but the movie is there and that's all we were hoping for.

** NOTE: It appears Dismal is not available to all TWC or Comcast customers. Not sure why this is but the movie has been popping up in different markets at different times. Keep checking and we'll keep you posted

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