Wednesday, December 21, 2011

"Very entertaining!!!" - Independent Flicks review of Dismal

Yet another great review of Fearmakers cannibal flick Dismal. The author gives the film a 6 out of 7, not too shabby for a little indie. "This film never gets boring," the author writes, "If you like redneck, incest mutant killer movies this one is for you!" And we're sure by "this one is for you" he means EVERYONE, because who doesn't like redneck, incest mutant killer movies?

Once again a reviewer gives props to the stellar cast lead by superstar in the making, Bill Oberst, Jr. Oberst has gained a lot of traction since playing the creepy ranger Dale in the film and has gone on to appear in many movies and TV shows, but probably none has gained him more attention than the viral Take This Lollipop web video. Many of our other cast members continue to work in the industry, all which helps keep the momentum of Dismal going.

And today is Jade Arnold's aka Jamal birthday, so Happy Birthday to Jade and a nice review to boot!

You can read the entire review from Independent Flicks HERE.

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