Monday, November 7, 2011

Half Off Week!

Did Halloween come and go too quickly? Did you not get your fill of horror flicks and could use a little more? Are you alive or considered "undead"? If you said "yes" to any of those questions then you need to pick up a Fearmakers DVD this week while we're running a half off sale. Okay, we had trouble figuring it out too so let us walk you through our process.

Let's say you're into movies set in the swamp that have a hot, young cast, creepy bad guys who happen to be cannibals and love low budget gore. You pop in Poltergeist and you feel betrayed. Okay, never fear, just add Dismal to your shopping cart. Now the hard part:

Dismal originally prices at $10 ...

Half off sale...

Carry the 1, move the decimal 2 places and POW!

Dismal is now only 5 bucks!

After you copy comes in the mail you toss out that poor-excuse-for-a-cannibal-flick Poltergeist and watch a REAL cannibal, swamp, hot, young cast, creepy characters flick. Enjoy!

And if you're really feeling froggy you can pick up one of our other DVDs or merchandise too. To order a Fearmakers DVD just go to our Facebook fan page and click "shop now". Half off deals end Sunday Nov. 13, 2011. Get them NOW!

This deal is exclusive to all our Facebook fans so in order to get the deal you need to "like" our Facebook fan page. We're assuming you already have but if you haven't you can "like" us and we'll pretend you "like"d us all along.

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