Monday, September 27, 2010

Looking Good!

You wanna look good? Impress all your friends? Get your own shirt now. People will see you and ask, "hey, what's that cool shirt you're wearing?" and you'll tell them, "why that's my new shirt. You should check them out. They make cool horror flicks." And they'll say, "I like horror movies." And you'll say, "then you should DEFINITELY check them out." And they'll say, "I will." And you'll say, "you should." And they'll say, "I said I would." And you'll say, "I'm just saying, you should." And they'll get frustrated and say, "dude, I freakin' said I would now knock it off." And you'll get defensive and say, "lighten up, man, I'm just saying if you like horror movies you should check them out." And they'll stop being your friend. BUT you'll look good in our T-shirt!
Get your own Fearmakers T-Shirt by going to our Facebook fan page and click on "Shop Now". Don't forget to "like" us. We'll be your friend.

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