Thursday, October 1, 2009

SAVAGE Premiere at Horrorfind

(Fans gather around to meet the cast of Savage and watch the trailer)
Lines forming almost an hour before showtime. Standing room only. Filled to capacity. Many people had to be turned away, disappointed that they were going to miss the premiere screening of our latest film Savage. Cast and crew were on hand for the premiere, including Martin Kove, Lisa Wilcox, Jack Harrison and Tony Becker who plays hero ranger Owen in the film.

The screening was a success. Many horror fans coming up to us afterward complimenting us on the movie, asking "how'd you do that?" and telling us their favorite part. One fan even told us it was the best Bigfoot movie he'd ever seen and he'd "seen them all". Pretty nice compliment considering the company our movie is in.
(Tony Becker talks with fans of Savage)
We also had a reprise of Dismal fans, unveiled our Strange Stuff label, reunited with cast of Death4Told, Margot Kidder and Tom Savini, and previewed our upcoming feature Lance Steel with great response and enthusiasm. We will be bringing the Lance preview to everyone in the near future.

In all, another successful representation for Fearmakers at Horrorfind Weekend. We hope to keep making the movies and bringing them back to our growing fan base at Horrorfind.

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